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Getting Started with Blender -3.1.2, Selecting Objects

2018-04-06 06:25:00

In the previous section, we've talked about creating an object, and if you want to manipulate an object, you first have to select the object, and there are several ways to select the object, select a single object, select multiple objects


Right-click to select a single object as shown in the figure, including cube, sphere and vertebra. If it is necessary to select a sphere, move the mouse pointer to the sphere and right-click the mouse. When the color of the sphere line changes to yellow, it indicates that the sphere is selected


Hold down shift to select multiple objects Hold down the shift key on your keyboard, and then right-click with your mouse to select multiple objects. PS: This is the same as holding down Ctrl to select a file, except that blender uses the shift key, which is why people say Blender is anti-human, because other 3D programs use the left mouse button to select an object, Blender has to right-click


Brush selection (Shortcut key: C) Press the C key on the keyboard, the mouse will appear a paintbrush like a circle, you can zoom in or out through the mouse wheel, and then hold down the left button of the mouse, like a brush slide, the object will be selected when sliding


Box selection (Shortcut key: B) Press B on the keyboard, and then draw the range of a box like a rectangle, and then select the objects in the range


Deselect, select all (shortcut key: A) Press A on the keyboard, you will select all the objects you currently select, when you do not select any objects, will select all objects means: deselect objects, select all objects, these two states


Set selection (hold down Ctrl + left mouse button) as shown in the picture, hold down the Ctrl key in the lower left corner of the keyboard, and then hold down the left mouse button, set selection can be understood as an upgraded version of the box selection