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2018-05-01 01:36:00

Is a good place to experience Tibetan Buddhism, is a good place to see the blue sky, snow mountains and grasslands. How to travel freely? Xiaobian March 2018 travel strategy is described as follows, for everyone when a free tour guide.


The view, the line.


The temple city on the top of the mountain is a place to experience the lifestyle of Tibetans and monks. The world's largest Buddhist institute and the red houses all over the mountains are good places for tourists to explore Buddhism. Many pagodas and huge prayer flags have a mystical religious flavor.


Second, the way to enter: drive, from 317 National Highway through Wongda Town along the Serqu arrived, along the way you can see the flowers with hundreds of thousands of grass meadows and a herdsmen village, the blue sky is very beautiful.


Train route: Chengdu ———— Dujiangyan ————.


Three, to the line: —————— eight beauty -- bridge ————.


Four, the bridge to the tourist route: bridge -- Galsi mountain ———— Scissors curved mountain -- Katzilla mountain --. Among them: Over the Gaolsi mountain can go to the Tibetan village.


Fifth, is a small county in Ganmu Prefecture, you can see the three sacred mountains, view the white snow mountains and autumn fairy tales, the line is: you can ride a horse or take a battery car, walk to the Luo Rong pasture to worship Aden's three sacred mountains, Senai Day, Shano Dorji and Yangmaiyong. You can also go to the sea of milk and the sea of five colors.


Route to Aden: -- Baihe million Mu Forest Farm -- Powagongling Temple -- Riva Township -- Aden.

Matters needing attention

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