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For you cool and comfortable tatami maintenance

2018-02-28 03:12:00

Tatami maintenance how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of tatami 1, appearance: smooth and straight is best; Loose soft collapse second. 2, the surface: green, tight and even tight, hands to the middle tight is better; Yellow, with jumping grass, hand push mat 5 inches, with creases. Dajin air conditioning after-sales maintenance professional engaged in Dajin air conditioning, Chunlan air conditioning maintenance Assad, more than 10, service hotline 400 66561963, straw mat: straw mat joint, "Ya" shape sewing slope uniform, sharp Angle is best; "∥" shape sewn edge second. 4, wrapping: sewing uniform, beige polyester thread sewing, edges such as the edge of the best; Stitching messy, white polyester thread sewing, edges such as brown, slightly round drum second. 5, back: blue bottom with waterproof lining paper, beige nylon line, no jump needle head, uniform air hole is best; Bottom without substrate, white polyester thread, jump stitch times. 6, thickness: the upper and lower left and right peripheral thickness is the same, the hardness is equal; Thick on the right and thin on the left, hard on the bottom soft second. Maintenance of tatami 1, please wipe with a dry cloth before use. 2, keep dry, after the rain season, the back to dry. 3, clean, maintain, use edible white vinegar and warm water after twisting towel wipe. 4, if there are water stains, urine stains, wipe with warm towels, ink stains, clean with milk, and then dry with a hair dryer or dry on the back. 5, do not bend or pull hard to prevent the surface from creasing or deformation, if bent, twisted several times in the opposite direction of the bending side, you can restore the original state. 6. Wipe the tatami with diluted vinegar to avoid yellowing and discoloration. 7, flat in a ventilated and cool place, it is best to expose every six months for about an hour to prevent mold. 8, tatami maintenance method of the ultimate recommendation: at least once a week with a vacuum cleaner carefully cleaned, you can prevent insects, mildew.