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Five things to pay attention to when paying installments

2018-04-09 12:48:13

As a new way of mortgage for people who like fashionable life, installment payment is more and more favored by ordinary citizens. Especially for those aged 25 to 35 years old, who are in the consumption season of fashion, as large as the value of more than 100,000 yuan of cars, small to five or six hundred yuan of household appliances, easy to brush, you can move home, cool to the extreme. Although installment payment is very popular, for banks, because installment payment does not have collateral, if the cardholder intentionally defaults on repayment, the bank's liquidity will be more or less affected. For cardholders, installment payments may turn them into "card slaves" (credit card spending accounts for more than two-thirds of disposable income), and consume their expected personal income in advance for the next n months. So, how to build a good balance of credit card installment business? President learning network summed up five aspects need to pay attention to the problem, to the reader.


"The most important thing is to remember to repay the bank on time," the ICBC branch said, "using a credit card installment, which is equivalent to the bank to help the cardholder advance the amount of consumption, and the cardholder will then return the money to the bank monthly." If they do not pay on time, they will be charged interest and their credit rating will be affected. In the case of ICBC, if a cardholder fails to make two payments on time, the bank will terminate the installment business, that is, the cardholder will have to pay the outstanding balance in one lump sum.


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The relevant people in the industry also remind the majority of cardholders that when choosing to buy goods by installment, they should pay attention to understand the actual market price of the goods and discount information of other recent purchase channels to ensure that the price of the installment products is in a reasonable range. "Investment and financial management" reporter survey and comparison found that most of the goods on the credit card network, the price elasticity is very large, often more expensive than the market price. Even if the cost is shared by installments, it is actually not cost-effective. If the author had taken a fancy to a model of Samsung i9300 on the Internet, the offer is 4499 yuan, choose Everbright Bank installment free of interest and fee, divided into 3 periods, each period 1499.67 yuan; Divided into 6 periods, each period 749.83 yuan; Divided into 12 periods, each period 374.92 yuan. The same model, if you do not choose installment payment, the price is 3939 yuan, 2999 yuan online. In this way, although the installment payment can pay less each period, the total cost is not a lot.


Understand the details of the fee ask the bank about the relevant situation, how much can be paid in installments, how to calculate and charge the fee; Understand the credit card overdraft conditions and the amount that can be overdrawn in each period; Find out whether the chosen installment method is exempt from the fee, if not, what the fee rate is and how to calculate it; Consumers who choose to swipe the card first and then apply for the installment method at the bank should understand the application process of the bank to prevent the application from being unsuccessful and disrupting the payment plan.


Many cardholders worry that if they choose to pay in advance, how to pay in advance? It is understood that if the cardholder repays in advance, most banks will charge the remaining installment fees as usual, only Everbright Bank said that it will waive the remaining fees, and Guangfa Bank will charge a fee. Some banks even charge an early repayment fee. So if you choose to pay in installments, it is best not to pay back in advance.