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Five steps to take when buying a new home

2018-03-17 01:36:00

Not parents have accumulated a lifetime of hard work, or their own struggle for years of accumulation must be a one-time shot for the house in front of them, in addition to distressed or distressed. However, in order to live a comfortable life in the future, you must adhere to the five major attention.




Watch carefully


Cell location. A house, its location determines its height. And when I say height, I mean importance, not floor height. Superior location can enhance the value of the house, but also to a certain extent improve the living standards of the occupants. A good external location provides convenience for living and working. Of course, no house in a good location is cheap.


Supporting facilities inside and outside the community. Do not blindly believe the developer's "well-planned, well-equipped" such nonsense, to visit the field. Buying a house is a big deal, young people have to consider whether the children's school is convenient, but also consider whether the elderly's medical care is convenient. Take it all into consideration and weigh it carefully.


Traffic in the area. In contrast to existing residential complexes, new homes often separate sidewalks, bike lanes, and car lanes. Superior traffic can give people a sense of order, natural life will be comfortable. On the contrary, the mixed traffic risk factor increases, and it is not recommended to buy.


Greening in the area. Home is our haven, our resting place. After work, enjoy the flowers and grass in the community, reduce the pressure of life and work, and increase the happiness of life.


The type of house. As a matter of fact, a good geographical environment and the local environment cannot afford to have good houses early on, so we can only settle for the next best thing. As long as you look comfortable, but it is recommended to pay attention to the time not less than 6 hours; The bathroom and kitchen need to have external Windows to facilitate the dissipation of air and smell. Before buying, be sure to look at the model house or feel the scene to avoid damage to interests.

Matters needing attention

It's best to check the apartment types on site


All things considered, avoid trouble