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Fei Ke electric shaver fell into the water can not shut down fault maintenance experience

2018-04-21 00:00:15

Intelligence has become one of the hottest topics in the home appliance industry, home appliances have laid out their own intelligent strategy, whether in the e-commerce or in the entity can see a variety of smart home appliance products. As ordinary consumers, we feel the convenience, safety and speed brought by intelligence, and at the same time, it also brings small troubles: how to repair small failures of intelligent equipment. In order to help more people in need of help, we hereby introduce the continuous home appliance maintenance experience here. Article 125: Fei Ke electric shaver fell into the water can not shut down fault maintenance experience


Heat gun, small blade, screw batch, flat crowbar




This razor, the user accidentally dropped it into the bucket in use, and then removed, it can not be turned off, and it is constantly running.


The user hurried to repair, tell the reason, immediately after receiving the equipment with a screw batch and flat crowbar to open it.


After disassembling the machine, it was found that the inside was full of water, and the water on the surface was immediately sucked away with paper towels.


Then the water on the circuit board is sucked out, but the device is still running.


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After drying with a heat gun, the machine stops running. Pressing the switch by hand can be turned on or off, indicating that there is no big problem, but the circuit is short circuit after the water enters the housing and does not shut down.


At this point, the electric razor fell into the water can not shut down the fault maintenance process is over.

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