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Extruder no runner gating system features

2018-05-10 11:12:06

The extruder channelless pouring system is an important development direction of the injection mold pouring system, and the main difference between it and the ordinary pouring system is that: in the continuous injection molding operation, the appropriate temperature control is used to keep the plastic in the flow channel molten, not cooling with the plastic melt in the mold cavity, so as to avoid the production of the pouring system condensate. No runner mold has been standardized in foreign countries, especially in the production of covers, covers, shells and containers and other plastic parts of the mold, has been widely used. After injection molding, the process of cutting gate condensate, dressing plastic parts and recycling waste materials is eliminated, which can save manpower, shorten the molding cycle and improve productivity. Does not produce the pouring system superfluous material, greatly saves the plastic raw materials, reduces the production cost. In continuous operation, the plastic in the pouring system is always in a molten state, the flow resistance is small, the pressure loss is small, which is conducive to pressure transfer, and the low pressure injection of multi-point gate and large multi-cavity mold can be realized, which improves the quality of plastic parts and the life of the mold. There is no gate trace on the plastic parts, the appearance of the plastic parts is good, and the operation is simple in the molding process, which is conducive to automatic production. The disadvantage of the non-runner gating system is that the structure is complex, the processing is difficult, and the mold manufacturing cost is high.