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Experience with deception process, do not want to be deceived please enter

2018-03-20 17:36:00

When I first got here, I wanted to buy a mountain bike. At that time, I looked at a lot of websites. Because I just graduated, I don't have much money in my hand. So I wanted to buy a used mountain bike. Then I read a lot of second-hand information on the market. Finally, I chose three of them, wrote them down, and looked at them. Fraud means step by step introduction: 1: online release information: the first said to go to the area, when I really area. And then he said no. Here are two of the weirder ones. The first one said it was at the subway station. Because it's near where I live. So, I'm just calling this guy. 2: Put forward their own illegal channels: but this person told me that he is what the black car, and then, the price of a good car is low, you must first hit the money. I did not believe this guy's words at first, but fought with a third person, 3: accomplice relationship: But the third is really a weird. It was a woman. And then this guy says exactly the same thing as the second one. I was so desperate to buy a car. Talked to the third one for a while. Then the third guy talked for a while and gave me the second guy's (scammers are all in this together, especially wire scams). 4: After gaining trust, start scamming: Then I gave this guy big, and he said he wanted a deposit of 300 yuan, and then, I transferred the money through the bank, and then he asked for 300 yuan to see the bus fare, because I had already made 300 yuan, so I made 300 yuan again, and then, after I made money, this guy gave me another guy's. 5: Push to another accomplice, continue to fraud at this time, I have taken 600 dollars, the so-called delivery man, and then, give me what to cut, what problems can find him later, what bullshit brother he is, later, want to cut who's legs, hands, give him big and so on. Then is to ask me to give him a 1000 yuan security deposit, to ensure that I am not a police, at this time, I desperately give them said, I just a second-hand online to see the sale of car information, and then come to buy a car, you give me pull this why, I do not need, but they have been giving me said, push each other's responsibility. This went on for nearly two hours, and at last I couldn't stand it any longer and told him I wasn't going to buy it and give me my money back. 6: Guarantee to refund the money, but wait until the end of the month the last second-hand promise I said, a month later, after the checkout, call me, the result I waited for a month, no news. 7: Conclusion: Finally, I would like to say that everyone must be careful outside, may not like me so stupid. However, in the past, I had a good shopping experience in the Internet, so I did not screen the information in the Internet, and the result was that I ate my own bitter fruit. Although the money is nothing, but the white hair spent effort, time, in the future, but also to continue to warn themselves.