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Excellent practical confession cheats

2018-03-17 12:48:00

Learned these secrets, every day is very suitable for confession yo!


Direct confession: If you are a secret crush, and the boy does not know you and you may not be looked at perhaps some ordinary but be sure to dress up in front of him on the day of the ok appear directly say lethality is absolutely gray, if the MMGG looks a little low-key, not suitable because people are visual animals after all


Love letter confession: Love Letter confession is very subtle and most people will feel backward because such declarations are becoming less and less sincere


Hand-drawn confession: Avoid hand-drawn words do not too much hand-drawn expression should be enough Q you can draw a lot of pictures can also make a big one not too messy, simple and cute words are not many, but must be able to move people \ let him (her) know that you can be very careful to do everything for him


Candid shot: Suitable for the children who are stuffy - if you are a school! If you are in the same grade!! If you are in the same class!! You're so lucky, kid, and it's okay if you're not - get a good camera to take pictures of him and then get a nice sketchbook and post the good pictures with text or hand drawings, absolutely touching (if he's weird and doesn't like people taking pictures of him then you're sad)


Tell you loudly: Challenge your limits stand behind him and shout at him to say "xx, I like you!" (The object of your confession must be that you are sure he will accept you) (also very suitable for lovers in love oh ~) You want to have a person in public to you confession is not men and women self-confidence


Small consideration: Well, some children are very shy so the power of the network is your intention of MSN school... SMS various ways, let him do not know who you are, let the passer-by a into his life to care about him to increase clothes, eat on time, but the child who is ready to be a passer-by must be careful and the other person is the kind of person who wants to rely on others and the only thing the passer-by a remember is that you have to intensively appear for a period of time in the disappearance of a section of the world this way is very difficult But it's really powerful


Nanny-style: Find out if the other person is a queen, or if he is one of those overbearing boys so that you silently follow him for a while if I'm right, during this time he may not pay much attention to you if your nanny-style is ok, then suddenly disappear and catch him off guard this is a long-term love


Wordless love: This is suitable for the kind of child who can not pull the face to confess, first of all, you need a bold friend to help you tell each other that you like him, and then help him do all kinds of things, at this time, your friend must be smart, she will take the trouble to tell him how you make him soft for him, and then you weak confession - - (Boys must not be that kind of heartless is not suitable) I have helped others in this way, and the last boy is very annoying I think he is sweet and considerate


Candles: This way is also very old my five or six friends have practiced is the candle to piece together a heart or his name to surprise him at the end of his favorite gift or gift is his favorite style suggested that this method is a girl to the boy confession because the general I am touched are girls experience if he realized your heart will not be moved


Trust: Some children are afraid of being hurt. If you think that he has you in his heart, then accompany him so that he can trust you so that he can't leave you without your chronic poison love you using this way you need patience, fear of injury people have little sense of security will be very strong guard to be patient your patient guard, then it is completely ok