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Evening simplified harmonica outside Moscow

2018-04-05 17:36:52

Harmonica Brief: Related: The song "Night in the Suburbs of Moscow" by Vladimir Troshin, music by Vasily Solovyov Shedoy, lyricist by Mikhail Madusovsky. "Night Outside Moscow" was originally made for the 1956 Moscow Film Production documentary "In the Days of the Sports Convention". In 1957, it won the gold medal at the 6th World Youth Festival and became an extension of Soviet classic songs. The song "Evening in the Suburbs of Moscow" combines some characteristics of Russian folk songs and Russian urban romantics, full of changes, bright and smooth, and the author flexibly uses the change of mode, the first phrase is a natural minor mode, the second phrase is a natural major mode. The shadow of the melodic minor mode of the third phrase flashes, and the fourth phrase returns to the natural minor mode. The first sentence is four bars, the second is one bar shorter than the first, the third sentence is cut into two clauses, one uses syncopation, with just the right amount of emphasis on the meaning of the stress, and the fourth sentence has a rhythm similar to the first and second sentences, but instead of starting with a strong beat, it starts with a weak beat. None of the four phrases is exactly the same as the other.