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Enjoy a leisure trip to Hailing Island, known as "Hawaii"

2018-03-18 08:00:00

Hailing Island, which enjoys the reputation of "South" and "Hawaii", is known as a piece of uncarved jade, located in the sea at the southwest end of the province. The annual tour is chosen in this place, with expectations and excitement to launch a two-day tour of Hailing Island, sea fishing, Crystal Lake leisure, the basic cost of about 600 yuan/person.

The first day of the tour 【 Departure → Special eel rice → Hailingdao Crystal Lake → Wine 】

From the departure, about 1 hour to arrive in the country of overseas Chinese town of Tangkou town - Diaolou town, get off the rest to taste [characteristic eel rice], eel in the river fresh food, there is "summer to make up, eel first" said.


After lunch, continue to take the tour bus and drive two hours to Hailing Island. Because it is a newly developed tourist destination, the island's unique 1 km of Toujing Lake, Hailing Island's most beautiful 5 km ecological beach, crystal clear and clean water, not very noisy. Barefoot on the soft beach, the sea breeze, the sun, everything is just right.


More than five kilometers of private beach not only provides a private bath for visitors to surf and play, but also provides a lot of fun family beach entertainment, such as tug of war, volleyball games.


After enjoying the local seafood dinner in the evening, you can go to the seaside and continue to play during the day, and the three or five people walking in the moonlight also have some flavor.


Play tired can be directly in the seaside wine stay rest, through the window of the wine room can also glance at the vast sea posture, is simply relaxed and happy.

The second day of the tour 【 Wine → Tai Kok Bay → Fishing home →】

Go to Hailing Island [Tai Kok Bay Beach] Enjoy the national 4A class beach [Tai Kok Bay Beach] known as "China Pattaya" swimming, surfing, enjoy the sun, sea, beach fun. Because the wind and waves were too strong that day, I could not go to the sea to play, so I drank coconut water in the gazebo on the beach, and then talked about everyday life.


After lunch, we went to the national fishing port, took the "Fishing boat" - to visit the deep-sea fishermen, master simple navigation and fishing knowledge, with the cruise boat to catch the sea to catch the net, enjoy the unlimited sea scenery, overlook the ancient port fort, visit the sea fishing village.


Fishing pleasure boat, play time about 40 minutes, the end of the trip, with a happy mood to return ~~~