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Eleven travel guide three towns one day tour

2018-04-02 16:00:00

Eleven travel guide three towns one day tour




Every day attractions: Jiqing Street to of course to eat heavy, this street "Jiqing street does not do business during the day, just like dead." Jiqing Street is an ordinary quiet street in Hankou during the day, to the evening, Jiqing street began to be fresh and noisy, all the way to the stalls, restaurants, and entertainers street entertainment, each business is so prosperous, maybe to here to really appreciate the city culture.


Second day Attractions: Guiyuan Temple Guiyuan Temple was built in the 15th year of Shunzhi of the Qing Dynasty (1658). It is famous for its exquisite architecture, excellent sculptures and rich collection. It has been a sacred place of worship for Buddhist believers for hundreds of years. The most distinctive temple: The Arhat Hall in the South courtyard is dedicated to 500 statues of Arhats made by demolding technology, with different shapes and lifelike, which is the top quality in Chinese traditional statue art.


Day 3 Attractions: Hankou Beach is located on the north bank of the Yangtze River city, adjacent to the landscape of Yanjiang Avenue, connected to the Road Pedestrian Street, and facing the Yellow Crane Tower scenic spot. Walking along Hankou's Riverside Avenue, from the Hanguan to the city Office building (the former German Consulate), 12 century-old buildings of different styles are lined up, each building's shape solidifies an unchangeable history.

Matters needing attention

Travel don't be too tired to play a point a day is enough, slowly enjoy the comfort of the city


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