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Electric soldering iron does not stick tin how to solve

2018-04-10 22:24:31

Soldering iron non-tinning may be caused by the following reasons:


The temperature is too low: when the temperature of the soldering iron is too low, the tin cannot be completely melted, and it is not easy to attach to the head of the soldering iron. At this time, you can properly adjust the temperature of the electric iron to make it reach the appropriate iron temperature.


Soldering iron head pollution: long-term use of soldering iron will cause its head to accumulate oxides and welding slag and other dirt, resulting in the soldering iron is not easy to stick tin. You can use detergent or sandpaper to clean the iron tip, so that its surface is clean and flat.


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Loose tin wire: If the tin wire is loose or not strong, it will also cause the electric soldering iron to be difficult to stick to tin. You can check that the tin wire is properly fixed and adjust the distance between the soldering iron head and the tin wire to make proper contact.


In short, there are many reasons why the electric soldering iron does not stick to tin, which need to be analyzed and treated according to the specific situation. You can troubleshoot the problem based on the above reasons and take appropriate measures to resolve the problem.