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Easy Credit 3.0 Free Early Access (Response Copy)

2018-03-05 17:36:00

The surging this shocked three news operators, and easy letter 3.0 free to step up the internal test is the response to this? The author had the honor to apply for the easy Letter 3.0 private test, now let's take a look at this free (excavator) which is strong? Well, the user benefits are the most important, and the more competitive the merchants, the better (chuckles). In the use of friends can refer to my other experience: this "free play", you can compare and use:


Yixin 3.0


You need to apply for a private beta to use version 3.0


The official will send a 3.0 version of the download address to you, download and install, remind, this address can also be downloaded and installed for other hands, but if it does not get the qualification of the private test is not landing. After logging in, you can see the amount of free service in the "I" interface.


There are three types of complimentary service usage: easy letter, free SMS, message.


Click on the first "Yixin" for 60 minutes every month. Look at the instructions. They claim that the world will not incur mission costs for these 60 minutes. That's tough.


Click the second "free SMS" a total of 50, this is not the need for the other party to install Yixin, is to notify the normal SMS way to send the recipient. Alas, the SMS function is no longer used, they are used to receive verification codes and so on.


Click on the third "message", this function has a long history, it goes without saying here.


Click "", pop up the gift of Yixin line and 100 minutes, this is the private test experience gift, can be used until next month.


Here to dial a try, the other party is not installed easy trust. Enter and click "Call".


The other party displays the name of Yixin, but it is not used, the software first makes a call between Yixin, and if there is no response, it turns into a direct line to dial the number.


You will receive a system callback, which is relayed by the persuader, but the other party does not show anything else, it will still show you.


After the caller is connected, the task is no different from that of a normal call. Finally, I hope the 60 minutes per month will increase even more.

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