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Dynamic cervical vertebra activity _ Yoga for Pregnancy Preparation · Nurturing Space for pregnancy

2018-04-18 09:36:56

"Preparation for pregnancy Yoga · Nourishing and nurturing space" by the American maternity master Jennifer More carefully built, nearly 20 years of maternity yoga teaching experience, let you start from playing happy, and then to open the lower abdomen. This lesson will help us bring energy and awareness to this life-giving area of the abdomen in preparation for the arrival of a baby. In this gentle exercise, focus on the area of your lower abdomen that opens up, while opening your mind and feeling the beauty of your body right now!


Step: Head down, feet toward the chest, inhale, look up, exhale, back to the center, bend the left ear to the left shoulder, extend the right hand to the right, feel the opening of the shoulder and neck, relax and release the tension Inhale, gently push the face back with the left hand, exhale on the other side, turn the right ear down to the right shoulder, relax the neck, extend with the left hand to the left. Feel the opening and stretching as you open more of your right hand with each breath and push your face back toward the center


Natural respiration


Movement Feel the dynamic movement to the front, back and left four directions of the spine, feel the flexibility and relaxation of the cervical spine


Common Problems Problem: Shrug Solution: Shoulders sink away from ears


Detailed illustration of shoulder sinking relaxes the stretched side of the shoulder and the ear extend in reverse