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Dried moray eel

2018-03-07 03:12:00

There are many kinds of dry sea eel practices, steamed, braised, etc., each has its own flavor, the following is a list of several dry sea eel practices:


First, sea eel roast meat materials: dried sea eel, pork belly, a little salt, rock sugar, ginger, light soy sauce 5 grams, dark soy sauce 5 grams, spring onion 1, white wine, vegetable oil. How to do it:


1. Soak dried sea eel in cool water for 3 hours in advance, wash, cut into sections and set aside. 2. Cut pork belly into pieces, blanch in cold water for 10 minutes, remove blood foam, drain. 3. Put a little vegetable oil in a wok, add pork belly and ginger, stir-fry over low heat until slightly browned, cook in white wine. 4. When the flavor of white wine comes out, stir in light soy sauce and dark soy sauce, stir in rock sugar and color. 5. Add enough boiling water, not over the meat half finger height, then cut the dried eel, chives into the knot, cover the medium heat and braise for about one hour. 6. Remove the chives and remove them from the pot.


Second, garlic braised sea eel materials: dry sea eel, salt, chicken essence, soy sauce, cooking wine, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, sugar, pepper, garlic, ginger each appropriate amount. How to do it:

Method/Step 2

1. After soaking the dried eel, change both sides with a word flower knife, cut into segments, put a little salt, pepper, cooking wine marinade to taste. 2. Put the sea eel in the oil pan and fry golden brown on both sides. Put out for use (the pan should be hot before adding oil, and then add the sea eel when the oil is hot, so as not to stick to the pan) 3. Saute the whole garlic and ginger in the oil, add the eel, then add cooking wine, light extract fresh. 4. Add dark soy sauce for color. 5. Add salt, chicken essence and sugar, bring to a boil over high heat, reduce heat and cover the pot. 6. Drain the liquid, drizzle a little oil out of the pan, sprinkle some scallions, finished.


3. Steamed sea eel materials: 1 dried sea eel, appropriate amount of ham, a little dried black bean, scallions, ginger, salt, chicken essence, rice wine, oil, Maggi fresh soy sauce. How to do it:


1. Soak eel and rinse. 2. Slice the ham thinly, chop the black beans, slice the ginger and tie the spring Onions. 3. Clean the sea eel into the dish, pour more rice wine, sprinkle in the appropriate amount of salt, and a little Maggi soy sauce (for coloring). 4. Top with sliced ginger, sliced ham, sprinkled with black beans (if you like spicy food, you can put a spoonful of black beans), and top with scallions. 5. Heat the pot, put the sea eel in the medium heat steam 25 minutes out (depending on the size of the sea eel, you can take a chopstick to have a look, soft and bad can be done) Steamed sea eel after taking out, take off the scallions and excess ginger, sprinkle with finely sliced onion, then sprinkle in a little chicken essence, then pour a little Maggi sauce, drizzle with hot oil (be sure to be very hot oil), The fragrance is everywhere. Sea eel is very delicious, nutritious and is a common ingredient on the table, so there are many sea eel practices. Eating sea eel has many benefits for the human body, but sea eel is not suitable for everyone, like some people with chronic diseases and allergies to seafood should not eat. In addition, when eating sea eels can not be excessive, it will cause indigestion.