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Does dropping out of high school count as a high school degree

2018-04-14 22:24:04

It can only be regarded as a junior high school education, because the senior two did not finish, there is no high school graduation certificate. Individual districts also refer to those who have a school record, but have not completed enough credits required for graduation, or have failed to pass the grades. An Associate degree certificate issued by the training institution is an Associate degree certificate. The diploma of study, the certificate of completion and the certificate of graduation are all recognized by the state and have legal effect. If you have completed an undergraduate degree and obtained an Associate degree, your degree is also an undergraduate degree. For specific matters, you can consult your local or school to obtain an associate degree or completion certificate. High school introduction: High school is a higher level of education institutions after the end of nine years of compulsory education in junior high school, generally three years, that is, high school, high school. China's senior high school education includes: ordinary senior high school, ordinary secondary professional school, adult high school, vocational high school, intermediate technical school, vocational secondary professional school, secondary normal school and so on. In 2016, China had 24,700 high schools (including regular high schools, adult high schools and secondary vocational education), with 13.963 million students and 39.701 million students. The above content reference: Encyclopedia - high school