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Do you understand the skills of sales?

2018-04-09 19:12:22

In marketing techniques, the so-called transaction signal is the customer in language, behavior, expression and other aspects of the intention to buy goods. In general, in order to take the initiative in the promotion, even if the customer wants to buy the product from the heart, it will not reveal this desire on the surface, so the salesman only identifies the opportunity to close the deal according to the transaction signal.


1) When the customer begins to seriously observe the product, said that the product is very interested in the product, when listening to you introduce the product thoughtfully play with the product, it is likely that his heart is planning how to deal with you. 2) The customer's expression changes from defensive and resistant to relaxed, the eye movement changes from slow to fast, and the eyes and cheeks relax, which indicates that the customer has accepted you and the product from the heart. 3) When you speak, the customer nods frequently, indicating that your "brainwashing" has been successful. 4) The facial expression has changed from indifferent and unconcerned to serious or contemplative and silent, indicating that he is going to the heart, perhaps because it is not easy to make up his mind, there is that meditation and seriousness. 5) The attitude changes from cold and suspicious to natural, friendly, and also shows the acceptance of you and the product. 6) Carefully watch the relevant audio-visual materials, and keep nodding. 7) When a client leans back in his chair, looks around and then suddenly looks straight at you, he is making up his mind.


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