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Do you know these "trap" mosquito repellent methods?

2018-04-18 12:48:53

At present, there are three traps that need to be noted in mosquito repellent, trap one is the mosquito repellent bracelet with natural plant essential oil on the market, trap two is known as a high-tech ultrasonic mosquito repellent products, trap three is some small tricks such as vitamin B1 mosquito repellent, in fact, these three ways can not achieve the effect of mosquito repellent or mosquito. Here is a little explanation of these three pitfalls. Break the trap one: The mosquito repellent bracelet that is now circulating on the market adds some volatile compounds that claim to repel mosquitoes, boasting of "pure natural", the ingredients are confusing, and the price is still very cheap, which is actually not credible. Break the trap two: simulate the frequency of mosquito wings vibration, so that other mosquitoes think that someone here occupies a seat, will not come over. It can only be said that it is useful for some mosquitoes, because different varieties of mosquitoes, the frequency of vibrating wings is different, and it cannot be killed. I don't think that's a good idea. Break the trap 3: The water solubility of vitamin B1 is very strong, but it brings another problem. It is not stable in water, is afraid of heat, and is easy to decompose when seeing light. So it's not psychological to make sure that vitamin B1 is there to repel mosquitoes?