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DIY gives old furniture a new look

2018-02-28 16:00:00

Wooden furniture is unique to the taste of Chinese classical culture furniture, from ancient times they are still popular, but due to seasonal changes, improper maintenance of wooden furniture will cause deformation or cracking, more serious is encountered insects, wooden furniture may lose the use of function. So what are the methods of wood furniture renovation? Before the renovation of furniture, we must first understand the fading and damage of furniture, and then choose the appropriate method to renovate. 1, primary color renovation. Clean the wooden furniture with soapy water and you can re-paint it. Color change and refurbishment. First repair the deformed furniture, and then remove the surface oil with gasoline, sand and then oil and paint, (note: avoid contact with the metal parts of the furniture). Painted furniture can be matched with some elegant cloth pads, the original lifeless home suddenly become vibrant, simple and not simple home style. 2, furniture sticker renovation. Now the market is more and more widely used a convenient method of home decoration. You can choose some styles such as cutouts, plants or geometric figures according to your personal preference. For example, to renovate the dining table, first of all, do a good job of cleaning, so that the iron table feet to avoid excessive cleaning or friction. Then apply an even coat of paint to the feet of the dining table. After the paint dries, you can put on the stickers you like. This refurbished furniture not only makes people feel a quiet and comfortable feeling. 3, if you want to do more thoughtful, you can consider DIY some cloth cover or coil transformation. DIY furniture cloth cover first measure the size of furniture accessories, and then choose the favorite fabric to sew the cloth cover (note: try to reserve more positions in the cutting process, so as to avoid the furniture cloth cover is too small to cover the furniture). Coil modification. If you like colorful furniture, you can buy different colors of twine, first paint glue on a small part of the furniture, and then wrap it in circles until the whole piece of furniture is wrapped, and then you can draw some totems or cute cartoons and so on. The renovated furniture makes the room full of pastoral atmosphere, as if you are in the autumn field to enjoy the baptism of sunshine and autumn wind.