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2018-03-16 11:12:00

A few days ago, I went to trim my hair and thought about it or I would share my eyebrows with you. No, it is a simple drawing of eyebrow paste, eyebrow powder, eyebrow glue, and eyebrow paste, which is also regarded as the three musketeers of the eyebrow circle! At the beginning of the month, a group of benfit's eyebrow series is finally understood by their own research on Sunday, and I will go after writing it. ~ _^ ^~ I have played the old Bei's wax to remove lip hair before, I feel that there is no need to draw a hundred yuan ocean for my eyebrows, and I can shave it with an eyebrow knife at will! But I couldn't help it, and when I got my lip hair removed, I got a whole set! Finally also did a card, not brother easy to shake ah, indeed trim eyebrows around very clean shaved with a knife will see the root of the hair has a little black, similar to blackhead. Back and forth to repair 2 times the hair feeling is "pain and happy" pain = red ah ~ if not done before wax hair may feel painful but, experienced once, every tear feel good ~! (A bit BT thinking (??) nnn) fell in love with eyebrow trimming look forward to one day really as BA said these faded hair hair longer and weaker, looking forward to ~ ah balabala a pile of hair trimming feeling forgot to say the key to 1, correct the use of eyebrow powder 2. Don't underestimate eyebrow gel! ? I am sorry that I did not understand when farmers used KATE eyebrow powder again, and then I came into contact with the two-color combination of eyebrow powder (left is eyebrow cream, right is eyebrow powder), I directly ignored the eyebrow cream, directly applied eyebrow powder! I have also tried to use eyebrow cream, but I don't think it will be very "smooth" not to start, deep especially deep, shallow especially shallow still remember my eyebrow powder combination is beautiful! Precious! Lotus! In fact, the use of eyebrow powder is mixed ~ that is, eyebrow cream and eyebrow powder are mixed together to take, and then the back of the hand and then draw eyebrows! This is the right way to use, finally found the right solution, and the most important thing is that the effect is very nice and natural. That day, a girl left a message to me that she would not use it, and the situation was the same as my C drop, I found that the original may, perhaps, probably more or less do not understand, the use of the wrong method has the same trouble as me! ps: The whole body aches and pains in the computer side to make a speech, and I will run to learn locking★ps: Old bay home eyebrow powder is very good to use, but the small eyebrow brush sent a little chicken rib ~ all kinds of bad with conditions can enter his yellow Wolf tail hair that eyebrow brush 200+, or directly find a reliable mane brush also cheap affordable ★2 [eyebrow glue] "Eh, eyebrow glue useful?" "Oh, why not just use eyebrow dye?" "Oh, won't that be too much?" Many people will ask the question, then, I say that if you still stay in the female diors era, then you can completely ignore ah if you are like me, looking forward to white Fumei, wow, then you still read it! How to put it? Why didn't you say so before? (West Journey White taste) If you usually work very busy, eyebrows and a little bit long, will droop down, or a little droopy ah, or eyebrows are not thick smooth (left and right skew) spicy, you can use eyebrows! Glue! Come on! Agreed! Aaaaah! Support your crooked and disobedient eyebrows, very useful, like "pointer" is not obedient training back ★ with a picture of my flat four eyebrows (don't look at this eyebrow dye, very weak, look at the steps) First fix the length of the eyebrows, and then fix the position of the brow peak, and then fill the front light after heavy painting on the eyebrows do not draw too much can ~ ridicule the Ellie hut eyebrow dye, very weak, It's weak, it doesn't color well, it clumps! Cheap but not useful! After teasing wow Ka-ka, with the speed of a rocket I want to fly to the dance room: