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Details of driving fees and how to identify driving schools

2018-03-02 03:12:00

Different driving schools charge different fees, the length of time is not the same, in the end, the specific process of learning to drive and fees are what, how should we identify? This article will give you some details, as well as some considerations


First of all, it is impossible to finish the 16 years of learning in January or two months, because there are limits on the number of places in the third course of learning, and there are only two places for a coach car in a month


Only one or two months is to learn to drive, off-site mode, although the fee will appear cheaper, but these driving schools often do not tell you to apply for a residence permit, driver's license replacement and may be due to the cost of accommodation and so on, before you must ask carefully


In addition, many students are not very clear about the fees and time spent on the make-up test of driving school, and now the fees of 16 years are probably listed for everyone, except for the subject three can be retested within a week or two, and the subject three needs to wait for about a month


What is the difference between timing training and traditional training? Although the timing training model has been available, because the number of places in the exam is still the same as the traditional problem, in fact, the certification time is still the same

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