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[Dead flying Bicycle] What brand of dead flying bicycle is good how to buy

2018-03-02 12:48:00

What is a dead flying bike? The dead fly bicycle originated from New York, the United States, is the first mail delivery car, and later became popular in Japan, and then began to spread rapidly around the world, by many bike friends love. Dead flying bicycle is also called fixed gear bicycle, its rear gear and rear wheel flower drum is completely fixed, commonly known as "dead flywheel". If you push the pedal forward, then the back wheel goes forward; If the pedal is reversed, then the rear wheel goes backwards, and the brake is not configured and there is no gear change. At present, there are many dead flying bicycles on the market, and even many are God cars to pretend to be dead flying bicycles, so what brand of dead flying bicycles is good, and how should we buy dead flying bicycles? If it is a vehicle, it is to see the brand, and the choice of the big brand of the dead fly bicycle is always guaranteed, because their after-sales service is better, and the quality and safety are also more guaranteed. The dead flying bicycle is generally composed of 19 parts, of which the most important is the flower drum, followed by the frame and front fork, and then the bowl group, the axle, the tooth disk, and the tire. There are ball drum, bearing drum and barrel shaft drum. First, the lubrication component of the ball is the steel ball hidden, and there are screws fixed on both sides of the block to control the lubrication of the drum shaft, the density of the drum is not good, easy to water, there is grease between the ball, it will accumulate ash for a long time, you will see a thick very disgusting black mud oil, difficult to take care of. One of the steel balls is worn, then the drum will appear stuck, ton, abnormal sound and other sounds, and it is not easy to repair. Second, the bearing flower drum is divided into 2 bearings and 4 bearings, which is more precise than the previous ball drum, the steel ball in the flower drum is replaced by a ring or round rod bearing, so the rotation will be very smooth lubrication, uniform force, wear-resistant. Not easy to water, easy to repair. Now the mainstream flying bikes are using this kind of flower drum. Third, drum shaft flower drum, mainly used in RH forest road cross-country, mountain downhill and other large mountain bikes, its endurance and domineering sense can not be underestimated, the price is not cheap. The frame materials that appear on the general market mainly have iron, steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber. Iron frame: low cost, but strength and anti-fatigue can not meet the requirements, and are very heavy; Aluminum frame: light weight, but very brittle, so the dead flying frame of aluminum alloy, often broken, more dangerous; Steel frame: mainly chromium molybdenum steel frame, in strength, weight, fatigue resistance, elasticity are the most suitable for the death car frame. Titanium alloy: relatively expensive, light weight, is more than half of steel, high strength, good corrosion resistance; Carbon fiber: very light, is expensive, the price of the top frame is tens of thousands, some brands even more than 20,000 yuan. So for now, the steel frame is still the best choice. The tooth disk of the dead fly bicycle and the tooth disk of the central axis is usually made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and strong in strength, while the tooth disk of the God car is iron, which is also the so-called semi-aluminum tooth disk, the tooth disk is heavy, easy to rust and damage, the disc is relatively thin, and the central shaft has no three-dimensional sense. Look at the tires and bowls of the dead flying bicycle The requirements of the tires are very high, do not choose the kind of tires that will burst when they hit a step. Bowl group choose sealed Perrin structure, this light weight, strength, moisture is very good, durable, but also resistant to impact. The most important thing is his flower drum, the other is good, your flower drum is not a fixed gear, he is not a death fly. The dual-use flower drum is also considered a dead fly, and the reverse brake is a god car, because the real dead fly bicycle will reverse. Personally, I think it is actually very good to distinguish between the dead car and the God car, first see if you can ride backwards, and then see where the rear wheel flower drum has some things on the frame, no it should be dead fly. Pure death car requires a certain amount of technology, and dangerous, so remind everyone to install the hand brake to ensure safety, especially on the road, is responsible for themselves and others, the installation of the hand brake does not represent the level of technology, nor is it a way to identify new and old birds, just to step too fast for emergency situations.