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Dare to reach the front duel PVP guide

2018-04-07 17:36:16

Dare to reach the duel, is a very fun game, loved by the majority of players. Xiao Bian today teaches you to dare to reach the battle PVP guide, let you become a game god.


Dare to reach the battle game software


There are two PVP modes for players, namely 1V1 and 2V2 modes. Players can enter the battle interface in the classic mode under the button at the bottom of the main interface of the game. In this interface, the player can choose 1V1 single battle, or 2V2 team battle.


When the player chooses to start matching, the system will match the opponent with close strength according to the player's record, level and other parameters. This not only effectively reduces the production of one-way levels or performance, but also makes the battle more competitive and enjoyable.


Note: Regardless of 1V1 or 2V2 mode, all parties can choose 4 machines as the battle body, the difference is the winning and losing points rules. Each side of the 1V1 battle is awarded 4 points, and each lost machine loses a point, and the player whose points go to zero first loses. In 2V2 matches, each team is awarded 6 points, and after losing a total of 6 machines in the same team, the first team to zero points is defeated.


When the system is matched, the interface will enter the legendary machine selection interface. Depending on the tactics they take, they choose the first airframe (vanguard) and the choice of the backup aircraft to deal with due to the nature of the opponent's attack airframe. A special note here is that in a 2V2 battle, please pay attention to the friendly configuration mode matched to you on the right. It is also an idea to choose your own starter based on the friendly starter.


Tactics: Tactics that novice players and individual airframes choose more when they have a clear advantage. The Pioneer selects the player's most powerful or handy body. Regardless of the other team lineup, strive to pioneer can take the lead in beating the other team. Then use the backup to fight for the main repair time, and defeat the opponent after passing the repair in the end.


Note: It is especially important to remind that there will be repair time after a machine is broken, and the same body cannot attack repeatedly before the end of the repair time. Of course you can choose to fix items quickly and attack immediately.