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Cute side braids are an easy photobomb

2018-04-17 09:36:30

A mass of hemp - a variety of hair for you to provide romantic braid, help you easily steal the picture! Become a great beauty!


This side braid will not only make your whole person become cute, but also give people a feeling of falling, as soft and sweet as a fairy. Braiding braids is the best expression of the romantic atmosphere of autumn, and the sweetness of people is revealed. And this side braid can modify the shape of the face oh, highlighting MM's small face.


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When braiding to the end of the hair, use styling spray to fix the end. You can spray the spray onto a hairbrush and set it as you brush through the ends of your hair. Be careful to twist the ends of your hair together when styling. You can also tie the ends of your hair up with a small black rubber band.


Finally, it's about taking care of the hair behind your head. In order to prevent the hair loose or deformed during relatively large movements, use a small black clip to secure the back of the hair.