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CSOL Code Box Tips (CSOL Urn Tips)

2018-04-15 22:24:07

The password box (also known as the "urn") is the mysterious props of CSOL, and the game props can be obtained from the password box using the decoding chip, and there are many permanent artifacts, such as Thor, chainsaw and so on. The price of the decoding chip is generally 3RMB per piece. There is usually a discount package at the event. (Note: If you open to the same gold award, will not be repeated, except for gold coins) There are many people think that the extraction of the chip will have a certain skill, the most popular argument is with gold and with silver.

1. Introduction to the code box (urn)

This page is based on experience

2. Combination box (urn) extraction skills

According to the experience of netizens, the following common drawing skills are summarized. Follow Kim: 1. It is best to draw when you want to double the blast rate 2. Go to a less crowded channel 3. Watch the winning scroll bar in the lobby. General rule 4. Hand speed must be fast, after a pair of silver... Pause more than 10 seconds the next roll 40% gold, this time immediately follow the silver method similar to the above gold.


Another saying is that there is no skill in opening the chip, and all the gold and silver are completely the feelings and good luck of the netizens themselves. For example, there is a saying that gold and silver are actually rumors, that is, too many people believe in this rumor, and when they see gold and silver coming out, they start to draw, and there are more people who smoke, so there are more people at that moment. Actually, the odds haven't even gone up. Only money to buy the odds is the most reliable! So this is an example of probability increasing your sample size and increasing your chances of winning. And wait for the big holiday to double the amount of gold.