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Correct children's wrong holding pen method experience sharing

2018-03-03 03:12:00

I believe everyone has the same feeling, today's children, holding the pen posture strange, there are few correct, incorrect holding the pen method, will affect the child's vision, sitting posture, hand shape and other development, but also affect the speed and quality of writing, in the exam, it is a big loss, the teacher has no time, that the head of the adult will have to pay attention.




Rubber band


Persist in


One, correct posture to hold pen, as shown in figure: formula is as follows: to hold pen "- two pressure three foil, refers to the real return to virtual flexible wrist Angle is suitable for direction, stroke or thin figure." The "one touch" in the first sentence means that the nail root of the middle finger is used to hold the pen from bottom to top from below the pen bar, leaving the pen bar an inch long distance, generally in the pen knife to spiral out the cone of the root. "Two pressure" refers to the thumb from the inside side, the index finger from the outside of the pen to gently press down, the thumb and index finger belly strength, so that when the pinch the finger belly face is large, the meat is soft and thick, and the pen can be held tightly without great effort. "Three foil" refers to the ring finger and little finger slightly bent into a front and back shape, the two fingers into a plane attached to the desktop, coupled with the palm side to solid desktop, so as to hold the middle finger and the entire pen, forming a stable and live pen holding posture.


The "real" of the second sentence refers to: index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger close to the solid. "Palm deficiency" requires that the ring finger and little finger can not curl back into the palm  this position is very many, the two fingers curl back into the palm, so that the middle finger loses support


It's called dysgraphia which means the palm is empty. "Wrist flexibility" means that the wrist can not hold the strength, to relax, flexible, in order to use the movement of the wrist when writing to achieve the "clever" effect. The "direction" of the third sentence refers to the direction of the nib and the pen, the correct direction of the pen should generally point forward, and the direction of the pen should be right behind. The "stroke weight" of the fourth sentence refers to the light and heavy force when writing, that is, to let students experience the different results of light and heavy. When writing with light force, the strokes will be fine, and the strokes will be thick if the force is heavy. It is necessary to let students know that when writing hard characters, the force is varied, and when the thin strokes are encountered, the stroke should be light when writing points, so that the sharp effect can appear, and the force should be heavy when drawing the pen, so that the thick effect can appear. In the above formula, the first and third sentences are very important, the gist of which is not difficult to understand, but often due to the habit of students  writing mistakes are difficult to correct, and therefore require patience and love from teachers and parents. As the picture shows:


Summary of experience: 1. Writing sitting posture to do three: one


Punch one foot and one inch. A punch is a punch from the table, his eyes away from the desktop one foot (elbow), hand to the tip of one inch (two fingers wide) the pen position is: the index finger and thumb, kneading; Middle finger held, pen lying (lying


At the jaws of the tiger)


Summary of experience: 2. In order to ensure the cause of writing, finally, it is necessary to turn the palm of the hand slightly to the right, so that the pen is about 65-70 degrees behind the right (4 o 'clock direction), which is a very important small link! (The 65-70 degree Angle between the pen holder and the table top is based on the actual measurement of the pen holding height of about 2.2 cm and the size of my hand. If the holding height is lower, the Angle will increase; Conversely, the higher you hold the pen, the less this Angle will be.)


3. The sides of the above thumb (top right fingertip) and index finger can be slightly touched (when holding a pencil and other fine mouth through the pen), or it can be slightly separated by about 1-2 mm (when holding a thick pen with glue); As long as the side height of the index finger is maintained as the standard, be sure to form the relationship between the index finger and the thumb on the bottom (that is, the tip of the thumb cannot be extended too far forward, so that the tip of the thumb is as high as the fingernail of the index finger or reaches more than 1/3 of the side height of the index finger), it is OK!


Second, the wrong holding pen method, the wrong holding pen method, will make the hand has been tight when writing is very easy to fatigue, the range of writing activities is limited, the font written out is small, affecting vision, speed, etc., once the bad habit is formed, it can be difficult to change.


Third, correct the wrong holding pen method and experience wrong holding pen posture is also a major cause of myopia, in order to prevent children myopia, holding pen posture should be corrected from a young age, the simplest way is to use a rubber band to help children correct the holding pen posture


Methods suitable for small classes


A method suitable for the middle shift


A popular approach


2. Two rubber bands help children correct pen holding posture Two small rubber bands can help children correct wrong pen holding posture, of course, the supervision and persistence of parents and teachers is crucial, because children will often repeat in the process of correction, parents and teachers should cooperate with each other.


1. Prepare two bands for braiding. (Ox leather band love to break, use for a long time also uncomfortable hand.)


2. Tie a knot at 1/4 of the rubber band to cover the pencil.


3. Wrap two rubber bands around the pencil, as shown in the figure: the above band is a point above the third joint of the index finger, and the following band is just 2 cm to 1 inch away from the tip of the pen.


4, in addition to the thumb of the four fingers along the direction of the pen into the large circle, index finger and thumb on the following wrapped rubber band, to prevent the child's fingers too close to the pen.


Two rubber bands to help children correct pen holding posture ----- Teacher Fang after repeated research, application, practice and improvement in the class, plus constantly correct children's pen holding posture, with rubber bands to correct children's pen holding posture. I hope it will be helpful to parents who are eager to correct their children's holding posture! I also hope that children can have the awareness of writing in strict accordance with the correct holding posture, and consciously develop good pen holding and writing habits, so that they can write beautiful Chinese characters from a young age!