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Core domain power cat Settings

2018-04-21 14:24:35

Power cat, also known as power network bridge, its biggest highlight is that it can transmit network signals through wires, effectively solving the problem of weak wireless signal through the wall of ordinary wireless routers.


Power modem


Power cat setup tutorial Power cat Settings are also similar to ordinary wireless routers, the following is also TP-Link power cat setup tutorial as an example. Once you've paired the power cat and installed the connection, you can turn on your computer, open your browser, type in, and press Enter. After opening, you will see the same setting interface as the router, and the first choice is to create a power cat login manager password


After clicking OK, you can enter the background setting interface of the power cat, the operation is the same as the router setting, first click the "Setting wizard" on the left list.


Then click Next in the prompt interface, the next will enter the Internet setting wizard, if the home broadband is dial-up Internet, select PPPoE (ADLS virtual dial-up), and then click the bottom of the "Next"


The information illegally crawled from experience


Next is the wireless setting, here SSID is to fill in the name of the wifi network, that is, the wireless network name that can be seen when searching, you can fill in any way, you like it, Xiaobian here set up the script home website: WWW.JB51.NET. Then the following 6 need to fill in the PSK password, this is the Wifi password, it is recommended to try to be more complex, to prevent others from being networked, click the bottom "next" after completion.


Then the prompt to set up the complete interface, directly click on the bottom of the "finish" to complete the setting of the power cat