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Cool master stair guardrail tutorial

2018-04-15 09:36:50

Designers have such problems when designing: the staircase model in the material library does not meet their own mind, and they want to model their own stairs and guardrail models but do not know where to start. So let's take a look at how to design your own satisfactory model at will


Modeling tool




First of all, use the rectangle and stretch tools in the left toolbar to create an auxiliary wall effect. The purpose of this wall will be explained in the following steps. You can set the value on the top to adjust the size and height


Also use the rectangle and stretch tools to make a layer of stairs, hold down the shift box to select the layer and click "Combination", then find the "linear array" function in the left toolbar, and set the spacing and number


Next, do the guardrail, and do the same operation as the stair board, it should be noted that after the combination is completed, click "move", move to the stair board above the linear array function, and then use the measurement tool to align the stair board above the second floor


Remove the excess surface of the auxiliary wall, switch to another Angle, use the auxiliary line and straight line function to draw the side of the fence, and then delete the excess surface, and then use the stretching tool to stretch out the three-dimensional effect of the fence


Select the handrail and the column and move it slightly inward. You can see that there is a gap between the handrail and the column. Double-click a single column and stretch it to raise it. Finally, select the whole model in the box to attach the material, so that the staircase and guardrail model is done, click on the upper right corner of the "publish" after you can find and use in the material library "my" inside


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