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Coffee training: How to site to make coffee business hot?

2018-03-02 19:12:00

With the improvement of living standards, coffee culture is becoming more and more popular, and the coffee market is developing rapidly. Many people want to have their own coffee, and the location of coffee almost determines whether your coffee is profitable, so how to open coffee location to make the shop business hot? Today, in our coffee training class, we will analyze the considerations for the location of a cafe.


1, the analysis of traffic conditions near the cafe In our coffee opening training class, we will tell the students that the traffic conditions are an important factor affecting the choice of cafe location, do not easily ignore it. It determines the smooth development of business and the smooth realization of customer consumption behavior. We can analyze from the two aspects of cafe operation and customer consumption behavior: (1) When the cafe is located, we should pay attention to whether there are enough parking places near the cafe. The convenience of transportation can also determine whether the coffee shop is easy to purchase, and the lack of transportation will aggravate the freight cost, which will directly affect the economic efficiency. (2) The consumer behavior of the coffee shop located in the commercial border area should analyze the distance and direction with the station and the dock. Generally, the closer the distance, the more passenger flow, the more convenient consumption. The location of the opening should also consider the direction of passenger flow, such as the location of the station and the dock, the passenger flow of the following cars and ships is mainly; Choose the location near the city's public station, the passenger flow of the above train is mainly. Our coffee training will also involve cafes located near the city's bus stops, and will guide participants to analyze the nature of the public station, whether it is a stopover or a permanent stop, a main stop or a general stop. In general, the main stop traffic is large, and the cafe can attract more potential customers. The passenger flow of the intermediate station and the permanent station is unstable, some intermediate stations are more than the permanent station, and some permanent stations are more than the intermediate station.


2, the size of the customer flow near the cafe is one of the key factors for the success of a cafe. There are two kinds of passenger flow: existing passenger flow and potential passenger flow. Coffee training often guides students to choose the location of the cafe to choose the location with the most potential passenger flow and the most concentrated, so that most people can consume nearby. You can choose to open in commercial, downtown, commercial activities frequent areas, you can also choose to open in the degree of high-end residential areas, these places not only large passenger flow, but also a relatively high level of consumption.


3, the level of consumption considering that coffee is a relatively high level of consumption, so the location of the cafe should try to choose a place where the shopping mall is relatively concentrated and has development prospects, especially the operation of specialty cafes. Therefore, it should generally be in the city, the intersection of old and new areas of the town, commercial streets and areas that are not prosperous but have the potential for development. The best effect is to choose the storefront commercial buildings and office buildings with concentrated shopping consumption population. In addition, the commercial streets of some large communities with business circles nearby are also suitable for opening coffee.


4, urban planning analysis also analyze the planning of urban construction, including both short-term planning and long-term planning. Due to the development of urban planning, some sites are the best location from the current analysis, but may be unsuitable due to new changes; On the contrary, some sites are not ideal opening locations from the current point of view, but they are very promising and will become new commercial areas. Therefore, our coffee training courses often tell the participants that they must consider the long term and choose the best location with an understanding of the transportation, greening, public facilities, housing and other construction or renovation projects in the area.


5, location and face orientation analysis of the location of the cafe to choose a high visibility location, as far as possible to choose two or three facing the street intersection, enhance visibility, and can be set up more entrances, more street publicity window. At the same time, it is ok to choose some large public places to face. In addition, the direction of the face can not be easily ignored, for example, the west side of the summer sun exposure is too strong, the north side in the winter is vulnerable to the north wind, these are issues that should be considered when choosing a site.