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Classic Fox air conditioning refrigeration effect is not good how to solve

2018-02-28 14:24:00

Fox car air conditioning is not cooling or refrigeration effect is not good is the common fault of the air conditioner, let's see how to quickly and accurately find the cause of the failure


The refrigerant leakage is manifested as that both the internal and external machines work, and the compressor works, but it is not effective.


The compressor capacitor is damaged or poor, resulting in the compressor does not work, the phenomenon is similar to the above, but the compressor does not turn, and overheating.


The resistance value of the temperature sensing head at room temperature changes, resulting in the external unit of the air conditioner not working, and the phenomenon is the same as that of the air conditioner stopping after reaching the set temperature.


The remote control is poor or the air conditioning receiver is poor, which is manifested as that the air conditioning does not respond to the boot, or the time is not working.


Four-way valve (single cooling machine without this fault) or compressor high and low pressure gas, air conditioning work but no effect, the phenomenon is the same as the first.


The failure of the control board of the inner or outer unit of the air conditioner causes the air conditioner to fail to cool, which is manifested as no response to startup or disorderly operation of the air conditioner.


Air conditioning power zero live wire connection, a small number of air conditioners will appear this failure, generally in the installation of time.


The internal or external fan is damaged (more capacitors are broken), and the external fan is damaged by high exhaust temperature or high voltage protection. If the fan of the inner machine is bad, the inner machine is frosted, the outer machine has been working, and the inner machine will condensation.


I hope that the majority of riders can according to their own situation, timely repair.