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Choose the right exhibition to do more with less

2018-05-09 19:12:59

To participate in the wine exhibition, you need to be selective, choose the right wine exhibition for you will get twice the result with half the effort, so what do we need to pay attention to?


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If the organizer is the key to the exhibition, then the buyer database owned by the organizer is the core value of the exhibition and the key to the effective matching of exhibitors. On the one hand, these databases come from the continuous accumulation of exhibitions, and more importantly, from the industry background of the organizers. Nowadays, cross-industry commercial exchanges are more and more frequent, and the exhibition that masters cross-industry big data is undoubtedly a rare opportunity for exhibitors.


The professional exhibition operation team has a strict management system and professional operation mode, which is required by the long-term development planning of the exhibition. This is the case, these exhibitions have a relatively sound and stable booth sales price system, there will be no fluctuation or random price, and even some exhibitions finally appear half buy half give or free. Exhibitors should be especially vigilant against such speculative exhibitions. Only in the rational source of the close, there will be high-quality exhibitors, so as to achieve sustainable development, responsible for buyers of professional exhibitions.


The professional exhibition can be held into an industry ceremony, not only due to the role of gathering scattered enterprises, but also to promote enterprises, categories or brands in different regions to participate in the form of groups, to a certain extent to help deepen enterprise promotion, drive competition, and promote industry upgrading. On the other hand, a strong exhibition can invite professional buyers to participate in a group and promote a virtuous cycle of the exhibition.


The fifth part of the exhibition: on-site interaction is a combination of "exhibition" and "meeting", gathering industry colleagues to explore the development of the industry from multiple angles and in an all-round way, and narrowing the distance between exhibitors and buyers through on-site activities.