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Choose a cleansing mask according to its texture

2018-03-08 22:24:00

First of all, we should have a deeper understanding of the cleaning mask, in order to make a better choice. So what kind of skin are the different texture cleansing masks suitable for? I will talk about it today.


Cleansing mask


① Mud-like texture selection suggestions: mud-like texture is suitable for oily skin, mud-like texture cleaning mask can effectively isolate air, raise skin temperature, open pores, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. This texture of the mask is very strong cleaning, due to the thicker cuticle of oily skin, the mud cleaning mask will be better tolerated. The stratum corneum of oily skin is thicker and the oil secretion is strong. It is recommended to use a mask with strong cleaning force to effectively clean the skin oil and unclog the pores.


② Liquid texture selection suggestions: liquid texture is suitable for dry skin, liquid state cleaning mask can make moisturizing ingredients and nutrients at the same time of cleaning, better penetration into the skin, so it is best for dry skin.


Due to the weak moisturizing ability of dry skin itself, the cells will also become not full because of water shortage, which will affect the absorption of the skin to the mask. The choice of dry skin should enhance the skin's acceptance of the mask, and the liquid cleaning mask can achieve moisturizing and cleaning in one.


③ Foam texture selection suggestions: foam texture is suitable for sensitive skin, foam texture cleaning mask is more breathable, will not produce too much burden on the skin, effectively adsorb dirt in the pores through the foam, relatively mild to the skin. Sensitive skin is a kind of highly intolerant skin, because the skin cells are damaged and the skin's immunity is reduced and the cuticle is thinned, resulting in the skin's barrier function is too weak. If you use a mud mask for sensitive muscles, the sting will be stronger than the average person, so avoid this type of mask. A bubble mask would be more suitable.


When it comes to cleaning masks, many people think that this kind of mask hurts the skin, but in fact, the regular use of cleaning masks, deep cleaning of the skin is still very necessary, what kind of cleaning masks to choose, the answer is different for different skin.

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