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China's only Marine ethnic settlement; Three islands of the Jingzu nationality.

2018-03-01 01:36:00

The three Jingzu Islands are three small islands, Wusou, Wanwei and Shanxin, located at the border of mainland China and Vietnam. One of the most famous is Wanwei Island, which is now part of the city of Giang Binh trấn (Vietnamese: Giang Binh trấn). Due to the reclamation of the sea in the 1970s, the three islands are connected to the mainland from the map. Because the three islands are the only inhabited place of the Jing nationality, one of the 56 ethnic groups in China, the "three islands of the Jing nationality" has been used until now. This is the last coastline of mainland China. Here is suitable for travel, vacation, leisure shopping, settlement! Let's take you to enjoy the cultural customs of the three islands of the Jingzu nationality.




Wanwei Island, has a beach length of 15 kilometers, wide and smooth, sand fine soft golden. Green Island, Long Beach, blue sea, sunshine, constitute the picturesque scenery of Jingdao, is a natural beach, tourist resort, 4A scenic area, the name of Golden Beach also comes from this. Therefore, Golden Beach has gradually become synonymous with Wanwei Island.


To the Golden Beach, in addition to surfing, you can also experience the fisherman's music here ---- pulling a big net, stilt fishing and other projects let you experience the different fisherman's customs.


If you're a foodie. The fisherman's food here will definitely make your fingers twitch. The seafood here, high quality and low price, there is always a suitable for you.


The one-string qin, a unique bamboo instrument of the Jing nationality, has a soft and beautiful timbre, with clear treble, bright middle and low tones. It can play two notes on one string at the same time, which is obtained due to its unique playing technique.


The biggest festival of the Jing nationality - Ha Festival! If you decide to come here for a vacation, be sure to choose this day, the so-called "ha" means singing, is the traditional song festival of the Jing nationality, all night long, singing and dancing. Ha Festival is mainly popular in the areas where the Jing ethnic group lives. The date of Ha Festival varies from place to place. Wanwei and Wutou two Islands are on the 10th day of the June lunar calendar, Shan Xin Island is on the 10th day of the August lunar calendar, and some coastal villages are on the 25th day of the first lunar month. Although the dates vary, the form and content of the festival are basically the same.


The museum of the Jing nationality is composed of stone tile houses, Harting and small river bay, which is planned to be a living environment for fishing families living by the water. And plant vegetation according to the local natural environment. Covers an area of 280 square meters, construction area of 58.71 square meters. The indoor and outdoor display in the museum of the Jing nationality is restored to the original state according to the traditional production and lifestyle of the Jing nationality. Exhibits collection area, the age is modern, about 100 years of history. Let you better understand this nation.

Matters needing attention

Seaside travel must have this sunscreen, stomach medicine, etc., the seaside wind with children travel with some cold medicine.