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Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park One day tour

2018-03-04 14:24:00

On September 12, 2015, I went to Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park with my children to celebrate their birthday. Weekday adult tickets if booked in advance on the donkey mother website is 230 yuan/person, to buy attractions is 250 yuan/person, special holiday tickets forgotten, then their own online inquiry can be. The attractions in the park can be checked on the official website of Chimelong Safari Park in advance. The way to travel is to drive to the gate of the zoo, the parking lot outside the door is very large, do not worry about the tension of the parking space. After arriving, we walk in from the north gate, first to the self-driving area parade, you can take the park's small train (free) or self-driving parade, this area can not walk, because there are beasts inside, dangerous! If it is to take relatively small children to play, it is recommended to take a small train, because the children take this small train is fresh, very happy, and more cost saving, because the car to go in, to charge 250/ car, if booked online in advance, charge 220 yuan/car. After traveling to the walking area, there are many animal performances at different times in the walking area, you can pay attention to the bulletin board of scenic spots, and take the free map provided by the scenic spots, and arrive at the destination on time to watch the performances interested in, but it is generally a parade along the way, not to this place, to that location, there is no energy. So we only saw one performance from the north gate, and did not see the others, so perhaps from the south gate to enter, walk the walking area and then to the self-driving area, so that may catch up with a few performances oh, this will take energy to study. Walking area can be relatively close contact with animals, some animals can be fed, generally 15 yuan/time. The park requires no food, only water, so eating in it is very expensive, an ice cream 25 yuan, a sausage 12 yuan, a bottle of 2 yuan drink 10 yuan, a soup powder 58 yuan, a pork chop rice 85 yuan... So that day we each only bought a sausage to eat, but also eat very distressed, oh!! I write like this, a look is a poor hanging thread, it doesn't matter, I hope to write here to write their true feelings. Finally, I calculated the total cost of the parade, there are three adults, two children below 1.0 meters in height (no ticket required), adult ticket: 230*3=690 yuan, in-park consumption: beverage: 10*2=20 yuan, ham sausage: 12*5=60 yuan, a meatball: 35 yuan, ice cream: 25*2=50 yuan, out-of-park consumption: dinner: 182 yuan, return gas charge: 120 yuan. Total cost: 690+20+60+35+50+182+120=1157 RMB. Finally say a feeling after the downstream, tired and happy, feel like to make friends with animals, they are very maternal, but feel poor about their living environment, activity space is too small, like a prison. I did not go to the far zoo when I was a child, live until now, although it is a little late, but still have a wish, very happy, the impression of animals are left in my mind, especially for koalas and monkeys, really too cute too cute. The children also have fun and are more interested in large animals, such as big elephant, giraffe and so on. I hope these sharing can bring benefits to you!