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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom booking guide

2018-03-04 17:36:00

City Hengqin Bay Chimelong International Ocean Resort has landed for a number of days, many people do not know how to book tickets, the following introduction of Chimelong Ocean Kingdom booking attack


From the Chimelong home page to enter, you can find the middle page has a ticket column.


We choose according to the types of tickets we order: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Chimelong International Circus City, wine.


Next is the ticket purchase process, we carefully read it, click agree. Remember here the website transactions are RMB units.


We can find out the prices of various fares and transportation instructions from the website.


Then choose the date you need to browse, remember not to make mistakes, otherwise it will be wasted, there is no return.


To choose the park ticket column, here again let consumers check.


Next is the price of all kinds of tickets: disabled, children, package tickets, class seats.


Finally, you can see the details of the tickets you ordered and the number of tickets.


To the ballot information, there is personal information, such as number, identity, password, and so on, the final payment is completed.


Product Manager Recommendation ★ Gold Medal shows such as France Tomorrow and Future, Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival in Monaco will be featured! ★ Experience the shock of a world-class circus lineup in a natural landscape with Marine characteristics! ★ The world's largest Marine animal theme park! ★ Eight theme areas perform a grand ocean feast! ★ Ride a water roller coaster through the polar regions and enjoy the antics of polar bears! ★ Undersea interactive ship like a submarine to take visitors stealth in the incredible beauty of the underwater world!