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Cats, dogs and other pets on the plane

2018-03-19 04:48:00

What are the procedures for taking a cat or dog on a flight away from home?


Pets such as cats and dogs can be divided into air and international air transport, air transport must first apply for an immunization certificate, and then go to the airport cargo office to book space for pets can be shipped.


International air transport is more troublesome, in addition to buying tickets and booking accommodation for pets. You must also take your pet to a designated animal hospital for an immunization certificate and have your pet vaccinated against rabies. Then with rabies vaccine injection certificate and immunization certificate 36 days in advance to apply for animal entry-exit health certificate. Each person is allowed to carry 1 or 2 pets out of the country, and should declare to the customs.


In addition, it is not air or international air, the box for pets should be a special air box, and the box should be tied with a label. On the outside of the cage, use a bold black pen to write the flight, owner's name, method, pet's name and other information, in case of problems can be timely to the owner.