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Car accessories which is good, how to choose car accessories

2018-04-30 12:48:32

Car interior mainly refers to the automotive products used in the internal modification of the car, involving all aspects of the car interior, car sunscreen film, car handshake cover, car floor mat, car anti-slip mat, seat cushion, etc., are all automotive interior products. The following will teach you about the car accessories to pay attention to the place, please pay attention to!


The interior decoration of the new car should be in good order, without any pollution or debris. At the same time, all accessories in the car must be easy to disassemble and clean or replace.


Comfort of new car decoration Interior decoration color and texture in line with the driver's aesthetic. Because only a comfortable working environment can make the driver feel comfortable and relaxed.


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The practicality of new car decoration according to the limited space in the car as far as possible to choose some small, beautiful, practical accessories. However, it should be noted that it is best to reflect the personality of the driver.


The decorations in the car shall not hinder the safe driving of the driver or the safe riding of the passengers.