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Capture the city 219 copy of the walkthrough

2018-04-04 14:24:55

Recently Xiaobian received a lot of questions, one of which is the following Xiaobian for you to sort out the steps on the conquest of 219 copies of the Raiders, I hope these methods can help you.


First of all, the 219 Cao Zhi copy is also five NPCS, the general strength is 2.47 million, the main general strength is 2.68 million, and the Diao Chan and Sima Yi are still ineffective. NPC fight 4 rows, and Cao Zhi special effects.


Then, the NPC will light up a word for every flat cut, and after four flat cuts, the fifth flat cut will light up the five words "Xiangjian He is too urgent", and the fifth flat cut, the NPC will attack four rows, and gain a battle dodge effect, and gain a flat chop combat bonus buff, which is similar to Zhang Liao's "Brave Man wins First" effect.


Then, after lighting the five words "Why is too urgent to fry", so many effects are only effective once, and after using up, they will start to superposition again, and there is no limit to the number of superpositions.


Then, in theory, if Cao Zhi's copy of the NPC survives long enough, it will light up the five characters "What is too urgent to fry" without restriction and gain this buff or effect.


Then, the basic configuration: 9 treasure, 2 car full, 2 red A, 1 red mirror, 1 stream light, square array 33 level, Huang Yueying awakening.


Finally, in clearing this copy, the most important secret is to avoid or reduce the terrible damage caused by the NPC after lighting the five words "fried why too fast".

Matters needing attention

The above methods are collected by small series, and I hope to help you.