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Can women give birth with oxytocin injections?

2018-04-30 03:13:00

Some people believe that having a birth attendant give them a shot of oxytocin can lead to early delivery.


"Oxytocin needle" refers to the oxytocin commonly used by obstetricians, the role is to enhance uterine contractions, if used correctly, has a stimulating effect, if not used properly, the mother and the fetus will have an impact, in severe cases can be life-threatening. Mainly due to:


Oxytocin can cause the uterus to contract too strongly or uncoordinated, leading to hypoxia in the fetus. Because the contractions are not coordinated, it can also lead to delayed delivery.


Oxytocin can also cause uterine rupture, when the birth is not in the right position or the pelvis is narrow, even if the uterus contractions are strong after the use of oxytocin, but because the pelvis is small, the birth is not in the right position, it is still unable to smoothly produce.


Therefore, before using the birth needle, it is best to carefully check the pelvic size and fetal position. If everything is normal, it is still possible to use a small amount of acupuncture to dilute glucose (generally 2.5 units 10 glucose 500 ml), slowly drip from the vein, and relevant personnel should always pay attention to the expectant mother's uterine contraction, fetal heart rate and the progress of labor after medication.


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