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Can I sleep there in the foot bath

2018-04-03 14:24:09

In the foot bath you can sleep there. If people are tired after a day if they sit down and soak their feet, they are certainly not willing to walk, and if the home is far away, they are even more reluctant to go back, so if there is a place to rest in the vicinity, it must be excellent, so many people will choose to find a place to rest after soaking their feet. At the beginning, the foot bath can not rest overnight, but later, as customers want to temporarily rest more requirements, so many foot baths are slowly using the second floor or other rooms to change a temporary rest place. Pedicure precautions: 1, massage before the preparation of massage massage to trim their own nails in advance, cut the nails short, to avoid scratching the skin of others in the pedicure process, wash hands with soap, will be massaged feet with soap wash. After preference, apply the massage lotion or petroleum jelly to the body part that needs to be massaged, which can make the massage more smooth and prevent chafing of the skin of the massager and the massager. 2, the massage to relax the mood before the massage to be massaged first with hot water feet, which can play a stable mood, relax the mood effect, after foot soaking, the massage is supine lying on the bed, the massage is seated next to the knee covered with towels, and then the massage of the feet on the knee.