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Can I qualify as a doctor without going to college?

2018-04-16 00:00:17

As the traditional medicine of our country, TCM is something that anyone can learn. If you want to make a living from Chinese medicine and treat diseases for others, you still need to have certain qualifications, after all, medicine is directly related to life and health. Therefore, non-medical professionals who want to engage in Chinese medicine are bound to accept professional Chinese medicine learning.


But in fact, for many people, professional college education has become virtually impossible. Age aside, the entrance exam for college education is not so easy to pass, so you can only find another way. The state also takes care of non-medical professionals and specifically provides a way to learn traditional Chinese medicine - teacher Cheng.


There is no difficult entrance examination, and there is no need to experience a long theoretical education, only need to study with a teacher for five years, you can "learn Chinese medicine" identity examination certificate. In addition, during the five years of learning with teachers, I can not only learn theoretical knowledge, but also learn many years of professional experience of teachers, which is incomparable to the theoretical knowledge of college education.


The training certificate is an entry-level certificate, which is equivalent to getting a graduation certificate of Chinese medicine, and can rely on it to participate in the national unified organization of Chinese medicine assistant doctor qualification examination. You know some acupuncture and moxibustion, but you have not yet grasped the direct examination of traditional Chinese medicine expertise, take a longer time than the true expertise, but it is more secure.


The Chinese medicine specialty doctor qualification certificate has a legal medical qualification, has an independent diagnosis and treatment qualification within the scope of the certificate, and can also independently apply for outpatient practice. However, the scope of practice shall be determined according to the assessment conclusions identified by the assessment experts, including the technical methods of traditional Chinese medicine that can be used and the scope of specific treatment of diseases.


Chinese medicine (specialty) doctors should carry out practice activities within the scope of practice, such as the assessment of Chinese medicine bone setting, can only register Chinese medicine bone setting, shall not exceed the scope of assessment for registration and practice. Chinese medicine (specialty) doctors only provide Chinese medicine services in their practice activities.


Chinese medicine teacher Cheng, Chinese medicine does have expertise, Chinese medicine (specialty) doctor qualification certificate at the same time have the qualification of practicing Chinese medicine, but each has different, suitable for different groups, so we have to have a full understanding of themselves, be ready, and then choose the decision you should make!