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Can different kinds of copper materials choose copper environmental cutting fluid

2018-03-05 19:12:00

Copper is generally made of pure copper or copper alloy metal materials of various shapes, including rods, wires, plates, belts, strips, foils, etc. Copper is divided into brass, copper, bronze, pure copper, etc., so in the cutting process, different cutting fluids will be selected because of different kinds of copper.


Environmentally friendly cutting fluid for copper

Different types of copper to choose cutting fluid

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Copper copper is named for its purplish red color. It is not necessarily pure copper, and sometimes a small amount of deoxidation elements or other elements are added to improve the material and performance, so it is classified as copper alloy.


Brass brass strength, hardness is higher than copper, but there is a certain brittleness, easy to produce crushing chips, cutting workability is better, generally can choose inactive anti-friction emulsion cutting fluid and micro-emulsion cutting fluid, with high speed steel tool machining can choose inactive extreme pressure cutting fluid.


Bronze bronze, especially broken bronze, has greater strength and hardness, and ordinary emulsified cutting fluid and microemulsified cutting fluid can be used.

Choice of environmental protection cutting fluid for copper

When selecting the cutting fluid of copper and copper alloys, the problem that must be paid attention to is the corrosion of the cutting fluid to copper. When using oily cutting fluid, the grease or ester substances may cause discoloration of parts, and when using water-based cutting fluid, it is necessary to choose a strong resistance to hard water, and the PH value cannot be too high.


Duodo copper environmental protection cutting fluid, is a general biological synthetic concentrated liquid, with fast melting, good lubrication, good cooling and other characteristics. It is widely used in the processing of copper, brass, phosphorus copper, bronze, white copper, steel, aluminum and its alloys.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to the choice of brass machining cutting fluid.