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Can crabs be eaten with bananas

2018-05-01 09:36:01

From the point of view of the sex and taste of traditional Chinese medicine food, hairy crabs are cold, so generally eat hairy crabs with ginger soup water to ease


Bananas and crabs are cold ingredients, so eating together will ingestion of too much cold food, will cause gastrointestinal discomfort


Do not drink tea when eating crab and within 1 hour after eating crab. One is because the tea will dilute the stomach juice, which is not conducive to the digestion of the crab, and the other is because the tannic acid in the tea will make the protein in the crab meat solidify


Autumn crab fat is when persimmon is ripe, but the two can not be mixed


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


The fat content of peanuts is as high as 45, greasy things and crabs eat together, easy to cause diarrhea


Loaches are warm and crabs are cold, and eating them together is not healthy


Melons and bananas together can lead to kidney failure and joint patients with increased symptoms