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Camera on Android software installation process

2018-03-03 06:24:00

Make sure you have your camera and wireless router together. When a pop-up message is displayed during software installation, select "Allow" for all!! Once the software is installed, please follow the following steps:





Wireless routing WIFI


Camera APP


Connect the charger of the camera to the power socket with the data cable, and wait for 1 minute after starting the camera until the second WIFI light is on. Then search for wireless networks, select easyeye and connect to the signal


Open the software and enter "Local Mode".


The local mode (list) has a long string of numbers, which is the initial name of the camera. It means you're connected to the camera.


Hold down the long string of numbers, pop up the window, select "Configure camera"


Camera name input English or numeric name (can not Chinese name), password first do not modify!! Click "Change" after input


Then press and hold the camera name (the name of the previous step was changed to abc, then this step is to press and hold abc), pop up the window, select "Save camera",


In the window that pops up, just click the "Add" button


Then press and hold the camera name (the name of the previous step was changed to abc, then this step is to press and hold abc), the pop-up window, select "Switch network"


Select the WIFI name in your home/in the network list (the WIFI name can not have Chinese, nor can there be Spaces, etc.). .@ and all punctuation marks. The only punctuation allowed is the bar)


Then enter the correct password and click "Connect" (The password should be case sensitive, the password should not have any punctuation, only a combination of letters or numbers).


When you hear the drip of the camera, do not move at this time, wait for about 2 to 5 minutes.


If the back light is the first light, and the front light is green for a long time, connect the WIFI or 4G network to the Internet (to make sure that the connected network is not easyeye), then open the monitoring software to enter the server mode (or click the arrow in the upper right corner of the software to switch to the server list mode), open the camera list, and if the camera shows online, You can watch the corresponding screen.


After everything is normal, please click the fourth "Video control" icon in the lower right corner of the monitoring screen to enter and optimize the monitoring screen (it is recommended to change the frame rate or FPS parameter to 15 to solve the screen delay; Changing the image video size parameters can solve the picture clarity and fluency)