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Cabbage meat dumplings

2018-04-20 20:48:28

Dudu husband birthday, dudu prepared a lot of dishes at home, and package dumplings, the husband is good dudu home baby have eaten a lot of it, straight praise dudu cooking is getting better and better (dudu stink). Some "chefs" do not like to pack cabbage dumplings, always dislike cabbage love water, today dudu and relatives to talk about, how to make cabbage meat dumplings:

Food ingredient

Chinese cabbage 800g


600g pork mince


30g green onion


Chopped ginger 20g


Put the seasoning in the meat stuffing put the meat stuffing in the basin, because it is filled with cabbage, Chinese cabbage contains a lot of water, so do not add in the meat stuffing. Put fine salt, soy sauce, seasoning into the meat, and add a small spoon of cooking oil.


Stir even meat filling and seasoning this time to add some strength Oh kitchen ladies, with a pair of chopsticks, along a direction, strengthen the agitation, be sure to remember, according to a direction of agitation oh.


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Prepare the cabbage will be washed under the faucet, dudu's cabbage is in his garden, no chemical fertilizers and pesticides, belong to green vegetables. Soak the washed cabbage in water and start chopping. Some people like to chop cabbage when sprinkling salt, you can make cabbage easily "water", but dudu feel that the cabbage package dumplings eat up a "crunch" feeling.


Stir the meat and cabbage chop the cabbage into minced vegetables, squeeze out the excess water, do not squeeze very dry, the meat itself did not add water, squeeze too dry, eat dry no taste, and then add the cabbage minced meat, stir evenly in one direction.


And dumplings the following steps dudu will not talk, good noodles, and then sit for more than ten minutes, start to make dumplings. It is worth mentioning that when the flour is mixed with a little salt, not a little more is enough, and the face should not be too soft or too hard. Look, this is dudu dumplings, although the appearance, some are not very small and exquisite, the taste is absolutely good oh

Matters needing attention

Wrapped cabbage dumplings as early as possible to cook out, otherwise there will be "water" phenomenon oh.


Dumplings are delicious, some garlic sauce, vinegar better