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Buy aluminum magnesium alloy rod box pay attention to which aspects?

2018-04-12 09:36:22

With the improvement of the quality of life of some people, the traditional material trolley box has been difficult to meet the needs of frequent business trips and going abroad. Compared with the traditional material rod box, the all-aluminum magnesium alloy rod box is more durable, more suitable for frequent business travelers to buy, with anti-fall, anti-scratch, waterproof, anti-mold, anti-pressure, quiet and other characteristics, some good brand rod box life can be as long as ten years...... So how to buy a good all-aluminum magnesium alloy rod box?


Al-mg alloy


First, look at the gap good American aluminum alloy rod box, the use of the whole piece of aluminum magnesium alloy material, the whole die casting, the back of the box will not have a gap, waterproof effect is very good. At present, there are many trolley boxes on the market that are made of two pieces or pieces of aluminum-magnesium alloy splicing, and the gap on the back is blocked by other materials. When purchasing the trolley box of American aluminum alloy, we must pay attention to whether the gap in the box part is blocked.


Second, look at the rod all magnesium aluminum alloy box pull rod part is also aluminum material, feel very smooth, and quiet effect is very good, pull up and push back generally will not have a sound, this effect can be maintained for a long time. Some pull rod boxes begin to pull out and push back very well, but over time this effect is difficult to maintain, and pushing back and pulling out become more difficult.


The design of the hand handle is the place where the pull bar box is more particular. After the hand handle of the low-grade pull bar box is lifted up, the box will make a sound when it is automatically returned due to the collision, because the traditional pull bar box handle part is forcibly pulled back by the spring. After a long time, the spring deformation will lose the effect of rebound. The handle design of the all-aluminum alloy pull bar box is generally the use of damping rebound design, rebound silent, we can try a few more times when buying the handle rebound feel.


Four, the box surface of the United States aluminum alloy rod box general box color is silver gray, other and gold, blue, pink, box surface coloring is a technical work, the current mainstream coloring technology has two kinds of paint, the other is electroplating. Spray-painted boxes start to come in bright colors, but it won't take long for the paint to fall off. Electroplating technology coloring is relatively durable and anti-oxidation ability is strong, and there will be no fading. When buying a box, pay attention to the surface of the box, if the surface of the box has visible small particles attached, it is generally spray paint, because the spray paint is uneven or the spray painting environment dust is more caused by small particles on the surface, the electroplated box is better to identify, the surface is flat, there are no visible small particles, and the feel is smooth.


The wheels of the general trolley box, it is easy to feel bumps in the dragging process, and the noise is relatively large. The all-alloy drawbar box is generally designed with two wheels, which is stable and has good cushioning effect.


TSA customs lock general pull bar box combination lock design is very simple, and it is easy to break, travel abroad is generally not available. All aluminum magnesium alloy rod box will generally TSA customs lock design, travel abroad with luggage if there is a customs inspection, the customs will use special tools to open your suitcase, if there is no TSA customs lock, then unfortunately, will directly force open your suitcase.


Seven, through the price preliminary determination of the general suitcase low-grade more than 100 can also be bought, the mainstream may be between 200-500 yuan, the market price of all aluminum alloy is generally more than 1000 yuan, if below this price must be careful when buying, there may be corners, shoddy suspicion.