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Buy a new house to see these five points, the community is good or bad immediately know

2018-04-07 01:36:48

Buying a house is for the sake of you, of course, you want your own community environment to be comfortable, not noisy. It is best to have convenient transportation, do not go out of the door but also have to "cross mountains and rivers", otherwise really want to be angry. However, when you buy a new house, you can not have the same field investigation and experience as buying a second-hand house. Therefore, the question arises, when the house we buy is a new house, how to spy on the quality of its community?


If you are buying an off-plan home, you can request a visit to the construction site. The main observation is whether the construction site machinery is complete and whether the workers are under construction. You can ask to check whether the legal certificates of the construction unit are complete. Because of the difference between the floor spacing and the actual tower, it is necessary to confirm the actual floor spacing at the construction site, whether it is consistent with the sales department.


Observe the details of the community environment The quality of the community environment not only refers to the level of green rate, more reflected in some details: 1, the ground pavement of the community. High quality residential ground is generally hard pavement, such as concrete floor, tile floor, grass brick floor and so on. 2. Internal activity facilities. A good community will generally set up leisure and entertainment places inside the community, such as coffee shops, indoor sports venues and so on. 3, water features, sculptures, lighting facilities, etc. Mindful developers not only pay attention to the greening of the ground, but also pay attention to the cultural landscape, carefully set up water features, sculptures, lighting, etc., so that people living here are physically and mentally happy.


The height of the floor 1, the height of the floor and the net height of the differentiated floor height usually refers to the distance between the lower floor or floor to the upper floor. The difference between the height minus the thickness of the floor or the height of the structural layer is called the net height. 2, the model room field understanding many times the actual height is not the same as the sales department promised, is caught in the "height of the floor", "net height" of the text trap. How much is the height of the floor or have to go to the model room to feel. When it comes to the model room, it is necessary to pay attention to the model room built on the sale of buildings, so as to ensure that the size proportion of the actual sale of commercial housing is consistent.


The design of the building can go to the model room to see the site, the stairwell of the high-quality community is generally decorated, and the light and air mobility are very good. The entrance lobby of high-rise residential buildings is generally spacious and bright.


With the increasing popularity of private cars, the problem of "difficult parking" is becoming more and more prominent, and the ratio of parking Spaces in a high-quality residential area needs to reach 1:0.8 to ensure sufficient parking Spaces.