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bioland or Brauer for children's DHA?

2018-04-20 12:48:43

To choose a cod liver oil product for your child, you do need to consider more factors. In addition to the product composition, absorption effect, but also to consider whether the child can accept, love not to eat. After all, this kind of nutrition is not cheap, if the child does not like to buy it, it is also a waste. As a century-old Australian, brauer has a high recommendation rate and is very popular in local pharmacies in Australia.


Why is the century-old brauer popular in local pharmacies in Australia? brauer has a history of more than 90 years, specializing in providing nutritional supplements for children, with Australia TGA medical level certification, is a local trusted brand of children's nutrition products. She has also been praised as the Australian infant liquid vitamin expert by Mother and Baby magazine.


How about the children's DHA products of Baiao 'er? brauer Children's high purity cod liver oil is extracted from Icelandic cod grown in the cold waters of the Arctic. Each small, chewy, kid-friendly softgel contains higher concentrations of cod liver oil, vitamin A, vitamin D, EPA and DHA. The biggest feature of the product is that it has no fishy taste, exclusive taste formula, sour and sweet natural lemon taste, which is more acceptable to babies. Products do not add artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, very allergic, mother can be at ease.


Where can Beiao brauer buy genuine products? She has counters in Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and Terry White Chemists, all of Australia's big chain pharmacies, and in supermarkets in Hong Kong. If so, you can buy through Beiao's flagship in international or Beijing, and the products are the same as those bought in Australia, and mothers can rest assured to buy.