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Big guy's quick wear daily guide

2018-04-07 22:24:21

In our daily life, we often encounter the problem of the big boss's fast daily guide, and we often do not know how to deal with it. Below, let Xiaobian provide you with a solution to this problem, hoping to provide you with some help.


First of all, it is the hero to save the United States, the border bandits are rampant, many women were kidnapped to the enemy country, please general in-depth thief's den, rescue beauty, heart armor can protect the general, but not for a long time to wear, the general quickly go quickly back, to any enemy country rescue, the task is limited to 10min, the task pick up site, the border.


Then, is the beacon fire play vassals, lit the enemy's beacon fire, let our soldiers see a lively. Mission pick-up point: Border. Know yourself and the enemy: Go to the enemy country to get information. National mobilization period 12:00-14:00,18:00-20:00, experience +10%, mission pick-up location: border.


Then, it is a complete return to the country, and the Bi of the world, go to the enemy country to snatch and pieces of Bi. National mobilization period 12:00-14:00,18:00-20:00, experience +10%, mission pick-up location: border.


Then, it is on paper, responding to the military attache's training call. Can be done alone OR in a team. Mission pick up location: King City. Hundred schools of thought contend: avoid the league is rebellious, hundred schools combined in Baicaotai martial arts hall, recommend 5 people team, task pick up place: Baicaotai.


Then, Tianzi Baotu, send wine to Su Qi Gong, you can get treasure map. If you get a rare treasure map that you want to go to another country, you can go together when you do other tasks, and the task pick up place: King City.


Finally, spring and autumn is strange news, for prince Dan to go to various places to find people around, at least 3 people team up. Serve the country: Wolf smoke everywhere, Changping Pass, border thieves flocked to find Bai Qi accept the responsibility of serving the country, recommend 5 people team. Mission pick up location: Changping Pass.

Matters needing attention

The above solutions are provided by Xiaobian, and I hope to help you.